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The construction road for Morgan started thirty years ago building resort homes in the Steamboat Springs area working for general contractors. Taking a house from start to finish was the mountain construction norm. Life in a ski town provided many great experiences.

Upon completing an undergraduate degree in Construction Management from Colorado State University, Morgan continued with high-end residential and sustainable construction working in the Vail and Boulder markets. There was always an emphasis on mountain construction and appropriate construction technologies for mountain climates.

Three years of commercial construction was enough to realize where his passion was; the result was the birth of Adaptive Habitats. Starting a construction company that specializes in advanced construction systems and embraces custom projects is the direction of the company. It is satisfying and rewarding work.



Colorado State University Undergraduate Construction Management

Masters Candidate 2019 Colorado State University

2013 IRC License Contractor

Better Business Bureau

OSHA (Occupational Safety Health Administration)